Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amir Convocation ~~~weeee

HAi....OMG...lamanya tak update...huuuu =O
so it will be this time entry is for my aMir convocation..yay!!!
but still it was a shame for me because I could not attend his convo...oh shit!!..
I am very sorry dear..
so as to confront my shamefulness regarding this matter I am very pleased to make this entrance looking as good as possible...hehe..I wish so...hih... :P

Actually I don't really know whether his convo is merrier or not, but so far as everyone always said the more is the merrier..then what to say.. I am not there at that time, so it could probably no so much happy for him as I dont appear at his day..huuu..sorry again my dear... His convocation is on 9th November ago if I'm not mistaken...( not mistaken ??) uuuuuu...what a girlfriend I am..ayooo....manyak teluk ini olang wooo..huhu....

On that day only his mom, dad and his youngest bro are at the UTM celebrating for his convo...but I felt sorry for him..his grandmother has passed away a couple of week before that..poor him..takziah diucapkan sayang...lets recite Al-Fatihah everyone..lets pray for her soul to be with orang2 yang beriman.. amin...

but still I'm not forget to take picture from him on his convo day.. . yay!.. and I also really looking toward on his commission day and our engagement..heee =P

My deary aMir

With his bro..amir Ielhan is much ensem kan?? hihi

My future husband and family in law.. insyaallah

with his gorgeous my mom tooo...hee =)

ibu bapa mertuaku...weeee~~~


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Berjiwang sejap..alahaiiii

oh blog yang aku sayangi..dengarlah keluhan hati ini...
malam yang sunyi ni..benar2 buat diri ini terasa rindu sangat2 pada yang tersayang..yang jauh dirinya di perantauan...aduh..hati ni tak mau tenteram ...napa eh? harap2 tak da apa2 yang yang terjadi dekat amir..saban hari tunggu kepulangannya..kadang2 rasa diri ini tabah..tapi kadang2 diri ini takut goyah..hati...kadang2 tak mahu dengar akal berbicara..adoiii...napa hati...janganlah kau gundah gulana...seharusnya kita berdoa .semoga diri org yang kita sayang selamat dan diberkati Tuhan yang Esa......
Bohong kalo diri ini ckp tak rindu..bohong benar lah tu...aduuii..rindu tak tau la nak kata mak jgn rindu sangat2..nanti tak tenteram org disana..haih...kalo la semunya mudah seperti lagu dulu tu..~~ OH BURUNG NYANYIKANLAH..KATAKAN PADANYA AKU RINDU...OH BURUNG KATAKANLAH...KATAKAN PADANYA AKU RINDU.~~alahai..nak wat camna kena la guna lirik zaman nak sampaikan rindu ni tak boleh dengan amir die masuk hutan,,,alahai..anak omak...sian kau eh..huhuh.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jom Heboh 2009 Penang!!...Great event!!

HAi!!..verY sorry for the late update..
Currently i've really bz with my RO tasks...but of course 'i'm still in bz mode right now..
but some how i'll try to make an update for my lovely blog..hihi...walaupun tak pasti ada tak org yang baca ni..hee =)


hehe..really excited bila dpt jumpa lots lotsf of artist ni ...and you know i'm really admire with Remy IShak..the 'tom cruse malaysia' tu ..ehehehee..sampai la masa jom heboh kat penang baru2 ni...wahhh!!!.berjaya bergambar dengan die...yay!!!. ADammm......wawawawahhhh...jeles Nur nanti..heheehehe...( of course in Nur Kasih yer )..sapa tak tengok rugi..ehehehe..siri drama terhebat abad ini.aichehh.....

with my car

my lil bro n bro..sweet kan?? kan??

hehe..really excited bila dpt jumpa lots lotsf of artist ni ...and you know i'm really admire with Remy IShak..the 'tom cruse malaysia' tu ..ehehehee..sampai la masa jom heboh kat penang baru2 ni...wahhh!!!.berjaya bergambar dengan die..yay!!!. ADammm......wawawawahhhh...jeles Nur nanti..heheehehe...( of course in Nur Kasih yer )..sapa tak tengok rugi..ehehehe..siri drama terhebat abad ini.aichehh.....

mind blowing2!..with Remy Ishak!!!

WIth Norlida my best friend at home and with my brother and sister Ammar n Nasuha, we went there on saturday..panas tak ingat la..wah panas betul..luckly i brought my cute umbrella and for my lil two siblings they got their own cap..hihi..panas hujan sanggupku redahi...haha..On the Saturday event, my aim just to bring my two lovely bro and sis untuk melihat2 jom heboh..n unfortunately i tak sangka pulak diorang nak sangat masuk keliwon ghost house..aiyyarrrrrkkkk!!!!...i da la takut..aduh..pening2...but the end, they manage to caugth me with their cute littel face..tak sampai hati plak i...menjadi kakak yang baik adalah SUSAH...sekali lagi SUSAH..huhu...but you know budak2 mestilah nangis lepas abis masuk..i pulak nangis sebelum nak masuk...Sorry to my friend Norlida..mesti sakit tangan die i gengam...hihi..=P

before enter the keliwon ghost house..HAPPY!

HAha..after,,uwekkk!!! girl crying..

Jom Heboh end on Sunday, so for me i'll definitely wont miss my chance to have pictures with those artist..REMY ISHAK..lebih2 lagi..haha..freaky fan plak i rasa..adoi...haha..never mind...our mission still be on..and finally will succeed to get picture with 11 artists..ahahahaha...awesome!!!.....

me + Norlida + FBI

me + Norlida + Melody team

with Iqram Dinzly and Fouziah Gaus

don't know to describe..ramai sangat...hihih

SO chiow =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aidilfitri ^_^2009's been a while i'm not updating my blog..i've been busy a little bit .(or saja2 buat bz ..hehe)..but i knew..deep in ur heart u all really miss me right?? this time i would like to make an entrance bout the Aidifitri 2009...The Hari RayaPuasa have been fall on 21st of September, on that day everyone will enjoy all the various ,delicious and remarble food and kuih raya..of course for me, hantu with kuih semprit ...hihihihi..
For me the Hari Raya was a very tough day..I la yg kena cuci pinggan, kena jamu guest yang datang..kena hangatkan kuah laksa, kuah mee..masukkan air...dan macam2 lagi..mcm2 ada kat rumah i..u can eat sapai pecah i guess after this i can be award as the best waitress la kat rumah i tu..yeay ..duit raya kena dpt banyak la sapai skrg duit i tak banyak pun....huwaaa!!!

Raya..raya dan raya lagi..on that day i also been doing some modelling..kekeke...model di rumah sendiri...hihi...yup!! tired with all the 'waitress' job ni..apa lagi..posing la.....hihi...stick with the camera..ahaha.and you know what..a lot of people..not so many la.but still there..said that my face look alike Dato Ct Nurhaliza..ahahah..really??..I don't can judge it with those picture i upload...

one more..i've waiting for my Amir to come to my house at that Raya day..poor him, he had to stay at hospital with his granma...waiting..waiting..and still waiting..till maghrib..then barulah he really showed up...yet i'm still happy with him be by my side on the first raya day..yipppyy!!!..sesampai aja die terus solat di rumah i dulu la...then I jamu die ngan mee kuah yang cedap bangat.haha...he was so admire with my mom cook..hihihi..cedap katanya...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jamming! Release!

Haha!! hOhO!!

Representing the new comer of band musician! TADAAA!!!!

Haha .. bole la cari makan kan?? they just wants to free themselves from stress..Stress ker?? tak tau la kan...This band is from UITM Perak, Sri Iskandar..hihi..Actually my bro is the vocalist in that i tolong promote know what..because he doesn't know to play any instruments so his member put him to sing..haha..he has the voice rupanya..tapi sedap ke tak i tak tau la..ekekekeke.. JAY2...perasan betul..huhu
The boy with green shirt..that's my bro..
So jangan marah eh..I just promote jer..hihi..tumpang sekaki..eheheehe...
I don't know why they put their names the debtors..haha..debtors?? a person, a country or an organization that owes money..mungkin la kot sebab tu..hihi..
Cinta Gila..I suke lagu ni..Just nak bagitahu..ok daaaa...enjoy the band!!..toink3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market!!

Buka puasa bersama2 rakan serumah...yeay!

Fish Manhattan was the right choice for us..satisfy with our desire..hihi...nak makan lain dari yang lain katakan..hihi
it's delicious!! I bet you.. order for two person are more than 4 person can eat..hihi..note just untuk org yang slim2 me also..wallah..slim ker?? huhu..
Me, Sarah,Yana 1 & 2 had decided for fish manhattan...and it was not disappointing us..thumb's up for the order :
  • safis-fish-onion set for 2
  • cheese mussle
  • citrus garden salad
  • mush room soup
  • onion bread
  • Drinks : ice lemon tea, 100+, peace tea
  • Desert : Brownie with ice-cream

me and yana1

sarah and yana2

brownie + ice cream YUMMY!!!

onion bread

citrus garden salad

cheese mussel

safis-fish-onion set for 2

Actually we were planning to go for shopping yesterday after breaking our fast..however because of time is running out vey2 fast, tengo2 da pukul 11 lebih we just wandering around and just did the window shopping only..huwaa!!! poor the shopper holick like me!!..aiyooo!!.. I just dont get it why huh..asal shopping jer masa singkat..asal masa singkat la time tu la nak shopping..huhu..girls..:P...but Huurrreeyyy for Sarah and Yana1..diorang dapat kasut baru lagi tau.. Crocs+nose..best2!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Raya Oh Raya!!!

Before dapat baju raya

After dapat baju raya!! hamboi3!'s about 3 week more till the raya day this means we have fasting about a week..but i felt sorry for myself..huhu...God,why I'm still didn't lose my weight?? huwaaaa!!!..tak bole jadi ni?? have to work harder lah pasni..and what is most important is do not over eat...right?

hurm..This time i'm not gonna write about the hari raya yet..i just want to story what i have done in this 2 months working as research assistant in USM School of know what?? before this, I would never thought that i'm gonna took engineering course..and this! of course electrical and electronic engineering..huhu..but at the I am..electrical en electronic engineer wannabe..hihi..God's knows what is the best for me..alhamdulillah syukur dipanjatkan..

For the past 2 months i had been assigned with one project using RFID radio frequency identification technology...Before this in my previous university UPM..we were not offered to take this subjects..that's tell me that i have to study from the begining laa..Study2..Never stop study till the end of our life !!! yip yip Hurrey for study!!..haha....This is quite a big project la..and after this i can convert this project as my master project..InsyaAllah....Alhamdulillah.. my application for master program at USM has been accepted..just waiting for the offer letter in order to proceed other matter...Hardware and software should be taken seriously now..huwaa!!!..Everybody please pray for me to finish this thing off..Encounter with testing, programming, constructing circuit... haha..can u imagine that?? Hands on project!! haiyooo!!..manyak susah..but by hook or by crook i have to finish tell you further bout my project I can't..SORRY..just can say I deal with parking...hihi..

Circuit!! Testing!! Success !!! yeay!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy.!! Yeay!!

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

That's what happen last night..Isn't t sweet if we get a surprise from the one we love..hihi..yup!! it's happen to me last night..yeay!! I'm so extremely happy!!!( hingga melompat-lompat kegembiraan in front of my gate)..haha..i'll story it later..syussshhh!!! be patient if you want to know it..hihi...

Last night i felt very2 sleepy..only God's knew know why?? ok i'll let you know why..jengjengjeng..this is because last night i ate unagi and bento bought from sushi king with Nurul....and plus i also have roti nann and tandoori with me..haha!!don't get shocked by that.hihi...( makan kuat punya org) haha..gemuk la pasni..NURUL the one should be blame for that!! hihihi..yes!!..


After ate the heavenly - like meal, my Amir Ielhan called me..He is at his ATMA camp, just went back there from Hutan for their kursus...but i can't tell you which hutan is goverment confidential..huhu.. After calling bout 30 minutes no-stop... he said he wants to go to toilet..for your information we were using DG..unlimited call between prime and subline..hihi..promoting DG sekejap...then about 5 minutes he called that time i dah mengantuk sangat..tersangat la mengantuk..although it 's just about 9'45 pm..huhu..but you know what..suddently i felt the world is mine!!! haha..this is because when talking in the phone, he said 'Amir ada depan pintu gate ni...SURPRISE!!'haha..then in the blink of eyes I ran to the downstair, staring from the gate and saw Amir Ielhan is waiting for me in his City...yeay!! WOWW!!! isn't that incredibly surprised!! for this while, i thought he was at Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur..then last night he is really at Penang..yeyay!!..A couple of time i pinched my know whether i was dreaming or not..haha...and of course..I'm NOT!!!..he's real..really appeared in front of me..haha..bestnyer...bestkan...terus jadi tak mengantuk dah..hihi..then after that we go for Char Kuew Teow..haha..makan jer la kerja i malam tu..haha...toink3

the surprise!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak ..fasting!!

GeT REadY for FastINg??

Ramadhan is just around the corner..only 2 days to come..then we all will be start is a must for everyone to grab this opportunity of the blessed month which is Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..Within this month Insyaallah, Allah will make all of our things get easier..but one thing to be noted is sometime we are falling and sometime we'll make it is a nature of the fasting month will be the test for us to measure our iman is..Ramadhan is a month of self-regulation and self-training, with the hope that this training will last beyond the end of Ramadhan..I'm admitted that it is hard for me to constantly this coming Ramadhan i've target I'll make a good dietary..hah for God sake I want to kurus balik!!! huhu..wear my 28 inch jeans back..get my shape back..huhu..i miss that...huhu.hurm.. As you know the fasting will take over 30 days to be complete..hurm..but for women..there are exception for couple of days that have been given for us..haha..HURREY!! i'am a that specialty..Boys, we warn not give any excuses like gastric or sort of penyakit if you dont have one...jgn ponteng tau..hihi....

One more thing before i forgot, my mother birthday is a day before Ramadhan..ahh!! sorry we got double birthday sister NUR NAJWA AYUNI also have same date of birth as my mother birthday...I'm planning to buy a cake from SecREt REcipe..what do you think?? Chocolate Indulgence?? ha'hah..yummy!!! got that!!..yep baby..I'm coming..yummy3..toink3

chocolate indulgence


from left is me, my lil sis Nasuha and becoming bufday girl Najwa

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weird feeling~~ baby??

Hye..cute picture right??..hihihihi...

suddently i feel so so want to get married earlier than what i have been targeted before..hihi..seronok tengok kawan2 i yang will having baby soon..they look prettier than before they got pregnant.. hot mama we can said! whow!! but dont misunderstood me..they are already beautiful before pregnant, i just said they are become more beautiful when pregnant..hihihhi...jgn marah yer..hihi...

So, in future when i have my own baby nanti, hurm..what i want them to call me huh??
mama?? ibu?? mom??mummy??bonda?? hurm..which one huh?? after this i must discuss this matter with my future hubby jgk ni..important issue!! better idea..what if i let them call me sis..haha..rockin!!! ekekekeke...merepek tul la...haih..

Last but not least.....i just to say to Pn FAridah Binti Burok ...... that i love her so much!!!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

My convocation !! Congrates2!!

my beloved mom and me

my beloved family

hye.. yip yip..hurreyy.. last,the greatest day that i've been waiting for after 4 years struggling with books and examinations ..specifically electrical and electronic engineering references books and all the test which had given me headache and make my tears drop last all the glory is mine..i am very happy with my achievement and do you want to know what's the day is??haha of course it was my very own convocation..HUURREEEYYY!!!..upon receiving the scroll....on the stage with our pro heart throbbed so faster as it was never did before..i felt like i want to !! dad! this is for you..!!! and i love you so much!!hihi... as i walked to downstairs i started to feel all the good thing..i was trying to smile .. and i thought i was smiled but i dont..haha..silly me..may be my mind had blocked me to smile..but i knew ..deeply in my heart i felt that all the efforts have been paid..all the pain have been cure..all the tears have been wiped out by this honour..but there is someone missing at the day..huwaaaa!!!.. Amir Ielhan tak datang...Negara lebih memerlukannya..yup..huRRAAAhh!! BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA!!. TABIK HORMAT DIBERIKAN..but for sure..he is with me on that day..staying in my heart..hihi..toink3

this is the picture that i thought i was smiled..hih

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

L+O+v+E = mari menari..hihihi

Hye!!!! OLaaaaa !!!

KAbhi KusHi Kabhi Gham...hihihi

tHis is the story....have u all had fallen in love before?? some people had but some people dont..
yup..for me i've already found one..hihi..thanks to God..hope our love last forever ..till death separate us apart..hopefully..hurmm.for whom who did not found yet your soul mate..dont worry to much..Allah knows who is the best for us...right?? everything have the hikmah behind it..we just have to wait for the right time comes...insyallah...hanya padaNya kita berserah..hurm..WHAT IS LOVE??? for me love is passion,sincere,and understanding ....... i frankly admitted that in my own relationship it is hard if we are not understand to each's his feeling??..why he acts like that?? and sometimes i always thought did i put enough effort to deeply understand him..hurm..guess what this questions were keep on rolling in my mind till now..but congrats to both of us..we are still together in strong feeling of love..hihih...gila i want to introduce him..tadaAAAAaaaa!!!! hihihi...

one more...hihi..before that i want to wish to my friend ALIN for her married soon with her fiance...

huurrreeeeyyyy for her..Here she is..hihihi

ok...daa..harap2 Alin Tak marah..hihihi..toink3

Everything is okay now


Nothing to be worried about then..thank to God..
first of all what i want to say is..syukur Alhamdulillah...God blessed me...
yeyay!!....first and for most i also want to say i love my future father in law.!!!!!!. hihi..time kasih pak cik yusof..Italic
he is not mad at me because of the trouble i caused to him..
he said it's ok then if i rent the house that i found first.gosh..i'm a bit depressed with this issue..
i don't want to give any bad impression to him..and i also don't want to be 'masam2 muka' with my future husband also..huhu..thanks amir for all the support..
After what time i'll be more carefull to ask for other people help..especially for whom that i really care.. I don't want to make them disappointed with me..this is because i really3 care with their feeling..So next time Nurul Fathiyah..please be more careful..and please noted all the consequences that will occur with your own decision..

once again..time kasih pak cik yusof..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Got A problem...

today i got one new problem..
i need to find housemates..the problem is i don't know how to find them..
my future father in law help me to find a house for me to rent ..but unfortunately i'd already found how i suppose to decline it??? in the mean time i don't want waste his effort to find me the new house...this all make me wanna cry..i just feel uncomfortable and selfish..please help me...huhu..hurm...for me it's ok if i rent that house however if i'm alone..kecut perut i really need to find new housemates..desperado dah ni....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

today .. working!!! :p

hye!!.olaa semua!!!

uhuk3! semalam i da keluar dr rumah sewa...huhu...takut jugak nak minta duit balik untuk sebulan advanced yang i'd already pay to my la diorang i ni kira budak baru belajar la..hihihi..takut2 diorang tak mau kasi balik..jawabnye makan asap la dipendekkan cerita today i'm going back to work dr rumah my family la..kira2 sejam perjalanannye..huwaargghhh!!..nantuk pun ada jgk!
Sesampai shj di Lab RF i da dapat kerja baru..i've to prepare hardware set up for journal demonstration coz there are representativse from RTM will be visiting us here on 4th and 5th August ni... So kena la tunjuk demostration sket for current project members RF Lab ni ..haih..yeyay2!!boleh masuk TV la nanti.yippeee!!..mak ayah jgn lupa tengok Tv1 nanti..ekekekkeke...
okey2!! bertendang2!! pada kawan i nurul yang nak baca sangat blog i ni i nak 'menginterframekan' die la...haha..ini dia!!!

hihi..NURUL jgn marah hah..nati kena jual..ekekekekeke

huh!! satu lagi berita baik !! gaji da masuk kawan sekalian..haha!! what's time is this?? surely Shoppinnggggg!!!hahahaha

okey dadaa..nak balik umah dah..hihi..daaaa....toink3

teSting2! 1 2 3

ehem3.. testing..testing..hello there!!
how are u all??!!! ( up loud voice ) buat2 macam suara Hagrid lam citer harry potter tu. huhu..tah ada org dengar ke tak ??huhu

hye..this is my first time writting blog..takut pun ada..cuak pun ada..nak terkencing pun ada la ..can't help it..huhu..sejuk dalam RF lab ni...nak tulis apa eh?? adoi pening kepala ni..

hurm..camnilah citernye..i'm currently working as a research assistant at USM Nibong Tebal...baru jer sebulan start..under Dr yang baik hati penyayang dan murah hati..hihi..yer la mana tak murah hatinyer..last week i had been assigned for an exhibition at MINT
( MalaysiaInstitute Nuclear Technolgy) at Bangi..for the whole week tu Dr ni yang budget..hihi..itu yang baiknya if kita buat kerja baik org pun layan baik kan...what goes around comes around...betul ke atau what you give you get back..hehe..mana2 la yang sesuai..tak pandai sgt berbahasa ni..hihi..but isn't that true??

hurm... satu lagi isu kat semua Uni. .H1N1..adoi la..sini pun ada kes..Students semua da balik tp staf still working in here...and one more thing if those student whose have been infected by H1N1 must stay in what d heck?? huhu..sofor all staff..berjaga-jagalah kita..remember to wear ur is 4 our own good..haha..kisah lawak arini.mask i da disebabkan kepala besar sangat tak dapat pakai pulak..haih...sigh...

okey dadaaa..sapai sini sahaja kisahnyer..daaa..selamat beramal...hihi..toink3


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