Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jamming! Release!

Haha!! hOhO!!

Representing the new comer of band musician! TADAAA!!!!

Haha .. bole la cari makan kan?? they just wants to free themselves from stress..Stress ker?? tak tau la kan...This band is from UITM Perak, Sri Iskandar..hihi..Actually my bro is the vocalist in that i tolong promote know what..because he doesn't know to play any instruments so his member put him to sing..haha..he has the voice rupanya..tapi sedap ke tak i tak tau la..ekekekeke.. JAY2...perasan betul..huhu
The boy with green shirt..that's my bro..
So jangan marah eh..I just promote jer..hihi..tumpang sekaki..eheheehe...
I don't know why they put their names the debtors..haha..debtors?? a person, a country or an organization that owes money..mungkin la kot sebab tu..hihi..
Cinta Gila..I suke lagu ni..Just nak bagitahu..ok daaaa...enjoy the band!!..toink3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manhattan Fish Market!!

Buka puasa bersama2 rakan serumah...yeay!

Fish Manhattan was the right choice for us..satisfy with our desire..hihi...nak makan lain dari yang lain katakan..hihi
it's delicious!! I bet you.. order for two person are more than 4 person can eat..hihi..note just untuk org yang slim2 me also..wallah..slim ker?? huhu..
Me, Sarah,Yana 1 & 2 had decided for fish manhattan...and it was not disappointing us..thumb's up for the order :
  • safis-fish-onion set for 2
  • cheese mussle
  • citrus garden salad
  • mush room soup
  • onion bread
  • Drinks : ice lemon tea, 100+, peace tea
  • Desert : Brownie with ice-cream

me and yana1

sarah and yana2

brownie + ice cream YUMMY!!!

onion bread

citrus garden salad

cheese mussel

safis-fish-onion set for 2

Actually we were planning to go for shopping yesterday after breaking our fast..however because of time is running out vey2 fast, tengo2 da pukul 11 lebih we just wandering around and just did the window shopping only..huwaa!!! poor the shopper holick like me!!..aiyooo!!.. I just dont get it why huh..asal shopping jer masa singkat..asal masa singkat la time tu la nak shopping..huhu..girls..:P...but Huurrreeyyy for Sarah and Yana1..diorang dapat kasut baru lagi tau.. Crocs+nose..best2!!


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