Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amir Convocation ~~~weeee

HAi....OMG...lamanya tak update...huuuu =O
so it will be this time entry is for my aMir convocation..yay!!!
but still it was a shame for me because I could not attend his convo...oh shit!!..
I am very sorry dear..
so as to confront my shamefulness regarding this matter I am very pleased to make this entrance looking as good as possible...hehe..I wish so...hih... :P

Actually I don't really know whether his convo is merrier or not, but so far as everyone always said the more is the merrier..then what to say.. I am not there at that time, so it could probably no so much happy for him as I dont appear at his day..huuu..sorry again my dear... His convocation is on 9th November ago if I'm not mistaken...( not mistaken ??) uuuuuu...what a girlfriend I am..ayooo....manyak teluk ini olang wooo..huhu....

On that day only his mom, dad and his youngest bro are at the UTM celebrating for his convo...but I felt sorry for him..his grandmother has passed away a couple of week before that..poor him..takziah diucapkan sayang...lets recite Al-Fatihah everyone..lets pray for her soul to be with orang2 yang beriman.. amin...

but still I'm not forget to take picture from him on his convo day.. . yay!.. and I also really looking toward on his commission day and our engagement..heee =P

My deary aMir

With his bro..amir Ielhan is much ensem kan?? hihi

My future husband and family in law.. insyaallah

with his gorgeous my mom tooo...hee =)

ibu bapa mertuaku...weeee~~~



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