Friday, May 20, 2011

Say Hello Blackberry!

I'm officially blackberry user..Hello!!..

Thanks to my lovely fiancee making my dream comes true..craving for blackberry dah lama sangat..frankly to speak I'm not or I cannot strive myself to kee my money in my own pocket..senang cerita ..I sgt boros berbelanja..I'll use my every penny to buy anything that I adore..aiyark!!!so making it short I tak kan boleh simpan duit untuk beli sendiri..poor my fiancee..terĂ¹k die dikerjakan i .sorry dear!!let say if you become bold one day just because of my bad attitude..its okay dear..yu nam hair care kan ade..hihi..just joking dear..

My fiancee yang bakal botak kepalanya..hihi
Now  introducing my new best friend.. BLACBKBERRY BOLD 9780 !!.. i just adore blackberry..very elegance and yet stylish..but unfortunately..i dont even have enough time to explore it..but still i loveee it..someone might say tht i am very the jakun one..but never mine..yup! jakun I am..hahaha ...but..but if u guys want to teach Me on how to use others speacial features  in blackberry ,  I am very much appreciate it..Come on guys and girls  teach me! teach me pleaseee!!..=)..

Hello blackberry !

Hello the pinky!


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